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The condo is located on a resort where some units have been change to a private condos. The complex is visited by a large proportion of Canadians. It is a small resort so the atmosphere is very relaxed and you will enjoy peaceful evenings. For a more lively evening, go see activities, which will give you some possibilities. Our condo is located on the second floor and witch will give you a nice breeze on the balcony. Here are several pictures that will help you to imagine the resort.

Pure Oasis Resort is found at the arrow on the middle right of the picture. The buildings on the right side of the street in line with the cursor are part of the resort. The following link will give more details on the location of the resort Google maps. vue_exterieur
Here is the first building of the resort. This picture was taken from the street along the beach. Une image de la cuisine
The entrance of Pure Oasis resort.
The picture need to be updated.
Une image de la cuisine
The first building from the inside of the resort. vue_exterieur
The second building where you will find the reception. vue_exterieur
The reception. Une image de la cuisine
Pool and bar access from the resort path. vue_exterieur
The path following the right side of the resort to get to the room. vue_exterieur
Room # 17 is on the top floor, you can see the balcony. Chambre 17 en location disponible pour vacance
Outside of room #18 it is located on the second floor. Une image de la cuisine
Another picture of room #18. vue_exterieur
Another section of the resort. vue_exterieur
The courtyard view from the balcony of room # 18. My children had great fun playing safely. vue_exterieur
The pool and the bar. vue_exterieur
The pool. vue_exterieur
The bar. Une image de la cuisine
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