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The island of Jamaica is the biggest English speaking island of all the Caribbean, and the third biggest in superficies. There is about 3 million persons on the island living mostly between the 2 biggest cities, the capital Kingston and Montego Bay. The Montego Bay airport is located 1h15 drive from Negril.

Jamaica is a tropical island with mountains everywhere, 90% of the island is above sea level. The highest peak is the blue mountain peak at 2256 meters of altitude. It is around those mountains that you find the famous blue mountain coffee, one of the best in the world.

Jamaica has many things to offer: relaxing in Negril on the nicest beach, watching live reggae concert, discover amazing waterfalls, doing extremes sports like parasailing, zip lining, horseback riding, mingle with the locals drinking a red stripe beer at the little corner bar....

Useful information: Tap water is safe for drinking. The electricity is the same as Canada/ North America, no need of a convertor. The local currency is the Jamaican dollar but US dollar is accepted everywhere. ATM machine are found in all major cities.

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