The beach

vacance plage condo negril jamaica/jamaique

The beach is located within 5 minutes walk.

In the room, you will find backpack beach chairs that you can bring with you to the beach. The beach is public, but some business require you to consume to have access to their beach chairs and facilities. We have an agreement with the Yard which is located two minutes on the left coming out of the resort giving you discount on food and beverage, pool access and free beach chairs.

You get your free beach chair here. vue_exterieur
The beach. vue_exterieur
The beach, it is 7 miles long. vue_exterieur
The beach. plage_negril_jamaique_panoramique.jpg
The beach. plage_negril_jamaique_panoramique.jpg
The beach. plage_negril_jamaique_seawind
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