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Making a reservation
Organisation of the trip
What is supplied in the room and what's not
Welcome at the condo

Making a reservation

You will find on the site the page availability where you can verify if the period you wish to take your vacations is available. Do not hesitate to contact us to make sure that the dates you wish are really available, because the page doesn’t get automatically updated and a last minute reservation could've came in. We can reserve temporally (for one day), the dates you wish till you find your plane tickets.


billet d'argentWhen the reservation is made more than a month and a half before, we are asking for a non-refundable deposit of 100$ per week per room.

Total payment

The total payment needs to be done one month before the start of your reservation. You can pay in cash or bank transfer (BNC). It is possible to pay paypal but there will be a 3% charge.


Organisation of the trip

We will reserve for you one or the two condos on the Pure Oasis Resort in Negril, Jamaica. The reservation is only for the accommodation, flights and transportations to and from the airport is not included. We can make arrangement with a taxi driver that we know to wait for you at the airport and you will pay him directly 80$ usd. We will give you some choices to which airlines you can check for best rates.

The plane

Here is some airline companies that you can use from Canada. The airport in Jamaica that you need to use is Montego Bay airport, located 1h15 from Negril and not Kingston. I am not giving you prices because it varies a lot depending on the dates / last minute... You can also look up on for other choices, including some American airlines, not always direct but sometime cheaper.

voiture toyota Hiace utilisé comme taxi


You have different options you can use to reach the condo in Negril.

The easiest way is the taxi that we can organize for you. We have a deal with a taxi driver named Malcolm and his taxi is similar to the picture showed. We have some prefix prices with him, for one way from the airport to the condo in negril (he will wait for you at the airport) is 80$US for 2. He can also stop with you at a groceries store on the way, Mega Mart in Montego Bay is a good option.
At the airport itself, there are different bus companies and airport taxis that can be use, prices may vary.
Car rental is another option. Between 200$ to 300$ per week, you could have more freedom. Before you choose that option, you need to know that the steering wheel is on the right and the driving is done on the left side of the road, the opposite of North America. Keep in mind that Jamaica doesn't have the nicest roads around, sometime very narrow and full of pot holes.

What is supplied in the room and what's not

Rooms / kitchen that we rent are almost fully equipped, but some things are not. Here is a fairly detailed list of what is provided and what is not. If you still have any questions, please let us know and we will be happy to answer them.


Chaise en rotin des balcons/chair on balcony Here is what you will have with each rooms

Here is what you will have in each kitchens

Housekeeping three time per week

Not included

There are some items not included that is good to know. For food at the base there is nothing provided but there are high chances that some basic things remains as salt/pepper, oil, dish soap... if you finish any, please take the time to replace it.


Welcome at the condo

At your arrival at the Pure Oasis Resort, you will get your room key at reception. If arriving late and reception is closed, you may receive the key from the nigth security guard. Please let us know your approximative arrival time so we can make arrangement.



The maid service is included three time per week.  If you want to do laundry, talk with reception or the housekkeper to agree with the availability and price.



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